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White Shariah (White Sharia) - All people are sheeple

The San Francisco Treat

Marty McFly:     ...and that's when you came up with the idea for the cucks capacitor, which is what makes White Sharia possible.

White Sharia began in 2016 as a vastly more preferable alternative to MGTOW. It's superior in that these men's genetic links don't die out and it may just save Western civilization with the fun bonus of pissing a lot of people off.

White Sharia is similar to the Gorean lifestyle if you want to do a version that is disappointing when compared to John Norman's novels.

White Sharia is this:
1) White countries should adopt Sharia law.
2) But without the religion of Islam.
3) And without importing the entire Muslim world into their countries like is happening now.

What is Sharia Law? It's the social laws of Islam, which are:
1) No intoxicants (eg. alcohol, drugs)
2) No dressing immodestly
3) No gambling
4) No prostitution
5) No pornography
6) No music
7) No eating products made from a pig (pork, bacon, ham).
8) Women's rights are reduced to that of medieval Christian Europe.

Those pushing White Sharia generally just want a reduction in women's rights. Some or all of the others on this list that Sharia Law forbids, they want to keep. They argue that Islamic Sharia only copied the original White Sharia, which was not as strict.

Whatever the exact definition, the movement for White Sharia is HUGELY POPULAR and growing exponentially! For an example of how big White Sharia is, this video (2 MB) shows an example rally. The rally is exactly the same type as a Muslim rally, merely with some cosmetic decorations changed and they chant White Sharia things instead of Islamic things. This video (9 MB) shows an example Muslim rally in Glasgow, Scotland, which the city's Muslim population (very likely the majority by the time you read this) holds at least once a week. WHITE SHARIA IS GROWING EVEN FASTER THAN ISLAM! It's a bigger movement than even the Donald Trump movement!

White Sharia is going to be a thing. Soon there will be political parties advocating for it. Now Islam has Sharia Police which enforce Sharia law, a sight across Europe. Soon White Sharia will have its own version: Thot Police!


Trad Life

White Sharia is about the Trad Life. That's traditional life, a patriarchal society.

I didn't choose the Trad Life,
The Trad Life chose me.

Why Shariah is The Only Solution

Proponents of Sharia argue that because patriarchal societies have far more children, we don't have a choice. Feminist societies have very few children because the women wait until their 30s to have children and then their fertility is almost gone and plus they regularly destroy marriages just 'cause they're bored. Plus many feminist societies have made it illegal for men to do anything other than keeping their legs tightly shut; these laws against "manspreading" (a sexist term) greatly decrease the fertility of males in feminist societies. So either people from a patriarchal culture will outbreed a feminist culture or the feminist culture will switch to some form Sharia. One or the other will happen.


Is the "White" in "White Sharia" a race thing? Or does it mean the most peaceful form of something?

The White could just be like the White in a Japan's White Day, White Hat Hacker, White Propaganda, and a White Lie. Typically white is associated with goodness and kindness. For instance white magic is the benevolent kind of magic whereas dark magic or black magic is the wicked kind. A white witch is always a good witch. The Great White Brotherhood refers to enlightened spiritual masters that watch over earth. White blood cells defend people from disease. White holes don't swallow things like black holes do. Heroes usually are in white and villains in black.

Middle Eastern people have made a number inventions that people worldwide regularly use such as the wheel, bronze, musical notation, coffee, algebra, the comb, and gang rape! Based on its definition, White Sharia only means adopting a portion of Sharia law without adopting Islam or importing Muslims. Anyone can adopt it, even extraterrestrials could adopt it.

Like the next time you're abducted by Gray Aliens, maybe you'll see half The Grays in burqas and so you ask aloud why. And then you hear one of The Grays speak in your mind and he says, "We've adopted White Sharia. Our race was dying out and we were using human tissue, lasering off cow parts, and experimenting on your people to keep ourselves breeding. Perhaps with White Sharia we won't have to."

Then you ask, "Does this mean that the next time one of you anally probes me, he gets thrown off a roof?" The Gray Alien then speaks in your mind, "No, we don't do that. We go General Pinochet on them and throw them out of our UFO."

White Sharia's mainly popular with white people because their culture has long been a lost cause. Today it's Cultural Marxism and Socialist female hypergamy. Then for two millennia before that, they endured cultural genocide at the hands of a Middle Eastern religion while the gods of their own religions did nothing to stop it and might as well be fictional. Europe has lost touch with its roots and drastic measures need to happen or many predict white people will become extinct within two generations.

The issue of men and women is because white women all hate and abuse their men in the realm of courtship, then they seek nonwhite men who abuse them. White men hate this and then seek women from Asia to marry.

A lot of men who get called "white supremacists" actually married women from Asia. Paul Joseph Watson is rumored (I can't confirm) to have married a woman from East Asia. Gavin McInnes married Emily Jendrisak, who is Native American, which is similar ancestry to Asia. Mike Cernovich married and has a child with a Middle Eastern woman and he says his marriage is far happier than his first wife, who seems to be white but there's not much information on her. Kyle Chapman (aka. Based Stick Man, the Alt Knight) is married to Haley Ly, who is of oriental descent and has children with her. Like Cernovich, Chapman put her photo on his Twitter, after getting called a "white supremacist" a lot. Another prominent figure, Milo Yiannopoulos, ranted about how badly women treat men and explained, "most of the reason I went gay was" this.

What will White Sharia be like?

Above you'll notice what looks like Queen Elizabeth II of England wearing hijabs. The fact that London has a Pakistani Muslim mayor, plus is majority Muslim and about 20% white makes this seem likely. Actually, she is wearing European headscarves. The headscarf originated in Europe. Centuries before Islam, Catholic nuns have worn headscarves. Also European women used to wear bonnets (a form of headscarf) all the time and it was considered sinful for European women not to. This is White Sharia! Under White Sharia, European women will wear headscarves again. European women were happier back in those days.

To those who don't like it, there's an even bigger threat: Goreans

Goreans were inspired by John Norman's novels. While women in White Sharia and Islam cover up, Gorean women are scantily-clad.

Gorean society is all about slavery and dominance. Gorean society is also about honor.

Goreans have been around a lot longer than White Sharia and so have an established culture.

To get an idea of what Goreans are about, Click Here (NSFW). By comparison, White Sharia would cover all these women up.

What motivates men to want White Shariah?

I'm not pushing this movement. I'm just reporting on a movement that is growing by extreme amounts.

Why do more and more men each day call for White Shariah?

I am serious about them being British-born.

Here's some reasons:

A) Women both cause and get in far more car accidents than men. However car insurance is higher for men due to institutional sexism. If insurance rates were higher for women, there would be a huge outcry. Under White Sharia, it would be like Saudi Arabia where women aren't allowed to drive because Saudi Arabia is a progressive, vibrant, enriched culture instead of some oppressive, racist white culture full of microaggressions. (Women also use far more health insurance resources than men and don't pay higher rates.)

B) Feminism is genocide
1) Feminism causes women to turn against men and not have kids until they're older and can have far fewer. Meanwhile non-feminist populations breed like crazy, then flood into feminist countries.

2) If you see the voting statistics, most women vote for open borders and socialism. So feminist women cause white people's population to decline to almost nothing and then bring in tons of nonwhite people to compete for jobs so white people become minorities in their own countries. Women also vote for socialism to pay them to do nothing but breed all day. For example, South African whites did a ton of social programs for blacks (who migrated in from other parts of Africa for a better life), such as building the world's largest hospital to keep as many blacks alive as possible. These oppressive, racist white people gave all the migrants free food, clean water, shelter, ended tribal warfare, a living wage, and technology. 200 years ago, South Africa was 99% white. South Africa was originally a desert with almost no natives. Today it is 1% white. This was simply from mass immigration and migrants outbreeding everyone else--no feminism back then. And today, feminism hastens population replacement because those feminist cultures have little or no children. Any culture with feminism is guaranteed to completely die out like those ants in the above photo.
It's expected to happen within one generation that most white countries will be like South Africa, a place where white people are heavily discriminated against by the government, second-class citizens, and it's legal for nonwhites to hunt down and kill whites. Research it yourself; it's too long to include. Many countries in Europe already are doomed and can not be saved. Sweden and Norway give Muslim migrants community service for gang-raping children -- and the ones behind this are women like Norway's prosecutor, Kaja Strandjord. The average Western feminist is like Kaja. (News article, another, another, another, another, another, another) London today is about 20% white, which is why they have a Muslim mayor (Khan) saying people should accept terrorist attacks as normal and not be alarmed by extra police. Ireland is importing the second-most amount of non-European immigrants per population size and its prime minister is an immigrant from Pakistan.
3) The main population group coming into Europe to replace the native population is the Muslim population.
4) Feminists love Muslims even though Islam opposes everything about Cultural Marxism and under Sharia Law (Islamic law), the Muslims would execute all feminists.
5) Feminist countries are importing all these Muslims so it's either going to fall to Islam and have Sharia Law or else it will adopt White Sharia and have Sharia Law but without a genocide of the native population of Europe.

Many women are decent:

Some white women don't want mass immigration used as ethnic cleansing. In England, two courageous women spoke up in public. Nov 2011, a 34-year-old native British woman did on a train. June 2017, a native British woman complained to a Pakistani Muslim while he videotaped it. In both cases, the United Kingdom government immediately launched a nationwide manhunt for each woman as a Thoughtcrime is bigger crime than a terrorist attack. The government sent both women to life in prison, and then took their children away to be re-educated and drugged each day.

Jul 28, 2017 a woman from Wyoming, going by Makenna, stopped to clean President Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Globalists responded by saying racial slurs like "dumb white bitch" and saying that they will violently attack every "white girl" that "looks slightly like" her.

Some are not:

The Establishment is outlawing male sexuality straight out of George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four but doing it only for white males while, as seen here (also here, here, here, here), The Establishment lets all other males do anything and has even made non-European migrants gang-raping native European children a standard thing now. The Establishment makes sure the rapists only receive community service as punishment. This kind of thing hasn't happened since WWII with events like The Marocchinate in Italy and The Rape of Berlin.

Here's an example incident that happens all the time. Silicon Valley sexual harassment lawsuits in 2017.
  1. Dave McClure wrote one single flirty text message to Sarah Kunst 3 years prior and was forced to resign from the company he founded over it. Now a lawsuit.
  2. Jose De Dios is fighting off allegations that he told Lisa Curtis she was pretty.
  3. Marc Canter is fighting off allegations that he told Wendy Dent she was pretty.
  4. Chris Sacca touched Susan Wu's face 8 years prior and publicly apologized. Now a lawsuit.
  5. Justin Caldbeck allegedly kissed a woman, Lindsay Meyer, with below 1% of his own sexual marketplace value 2 years prior and immediately was fired for it. Now a multi-million dollar lawsuit for one kiss.
Each men are sued for many times the amount of money that Michael Jackson paid to settle allegations that he raped little boys. And this is for men flirting just once, very briefly, and getting fired. Or men telling a woman she looks pretty. Women flirt with men all the time and sexually harass them by dressing very skimpily and never ever get punished for it, certainly men can never sue them for tens of millions.

But on the immigration front...

Why are native European women constantly pushing to bring in people who gang-rape them? Clearly they must have some kind of fetish. Granted, both men and women do a lot of insane and stupid things.

In Sweden, May 2016, three African economic migrants posing as "refugees" were doing their daily robbing of native Swedes. Their target this time was a homeless man, which they beat and robbed his wallet. That's pretty cruel, some native Swede who was made homeless after the government kicked him out of his home to make way for migrants and cut off all his government benefits to give to migrants.

So as is the case with Sweden, the majority of people did nothing to help. Didn't want to be called "racist". (Yes I'm serious, every white person lives in complete fear of being called racist and you could mug a white person by threatening to call him "racist"; he/she will give you all their money.) So finally, a native Swedish man who was on crutches, a result of suffering brain damage from an injury, came to the aid of the homeless man.

The migrants then kicked, punched, and beat the handicapped man near to death, knocking out his teeth and permanently disfiguring his face!

While they did that, they called him "racist". I mentioned Swedes didn't help because they were afraid to be called "racist", and you probably thought I was sarcastic, right? No, quite serious. And that's what the migrants did. The migrants kept calling him "racist" while they beat him. The migrants also shouted things about "war" and "Islam" as well as things like "I am a Muslim, fuck Swedes!"

Yes migrants beat a man in crutches to nearly death who tried to stop a robbery while calling him "racist" and making racial slurs against Swedes. Apparently only white people are "racist" and all white people are "racist", as the mainstream media says. (example)

This all happened in the Gävle train station. After leaving the handicapped man for dead, they beat a 17-year-old native boy while robbing his cellphone and watch.

This is daily life in Sweden. There's a 2014 law that if you complain about any of this, even anonymously on the internet, you face many years in prison. (News article, second, third)

What's this have to do with women?

It turns out that these mugger-migrants in Sweden are married to native Swedish women!!!

These men are completely unemployable. They barely speak Swedish. They live on a mix of welfare and robbery. They've been in and out of prison. They are ugly and old. And native European women love them. And how do white women treat wealthy men that are good to them, they use and discard them!

C) Society and the government of feminist countries greatly abuse men and boys.
1) Socialist female hypergamy heavily abuses men in Western countries.
2) This happens to men of all races, but Muslim migrants are immune. The governments of Western countries allow Muslim migrants to continue all their patriarchal ways just fine.
Exception: The only push-back is against female circumcision. Now male genital mutilation (euphemism: circumcision) where you cut off 50% of a baby boy's nerve endings in the most sensitive part of his body while he is conscious and feeling it (occasionally topic anesthesia which doesn't help), cutting 100x as much tissue as female circumcision, causing him psychological trauma that he consciously can't process and greatly reduced function is total fine to Westerners, but to females never. By the way, female circumcision only happens where male genital mutilation also happens, so it's gender equality.
3) Feminists who make it illegal for men to open their legs ("manspreading"), explain concepts ("mansplaining"), or even pee standing up then go and openly support Muslims doing whatever they want. Even when Muslims do things like terrorist bombings or gang-rape toddlers, the feminists simply forgive them.

D) Sharia executes homosexuals. Those who want White Sharia would like to see that in their own nations.

People treat Islamic Sharia better than White Sharia

All major cities in Western and Southern Europe have No-Go Zones, neighborhoods under Sharia law. Their governments and mainstream media deny this. Their politicians deny this. Anyone who says otherwise gets imprisoned.

All the inflow of Islam caused native Europeans to convert. Real native Europeans (eg. gingers), not children of migrants. They then tried to spread Sharia law and so unlike with migrants, The Establishment punished them. For instance, the UK government imprisoned Jordan Horner (Islamic name: Jamaal Uddin) for 17 months. He then had to publicly apologize. Even more suprisingly, the mainstream media decided to cover it when it was white muslims.

Now sure the sharia patrols are Muslims. What about a person doing White Sharia?

Well we have Lacy MacAuley, an Antifa member. She fell in love with a Muslim and then lived with him in Turkey for a while. It was a 50 Shades of Grey type relationship (very abusive) but she kept coming back because he's a brown-skinned Muslim and it's virtue-signalling.

She later came to the USA and met a white man with a T-shirt for a blog that promotes White Sharia. She then got a mob and they all demeaned him while she videotaped him. Lacy went on and on how she would never give up women's rights and that's after doing so when she had a Muslim boyfriend.

Her video's description:

An attendee of the "American Renaissance" conference, July 28-30, 2017, defends the awful movement for "white sharia," an extreme form of sexism and misogyny that says white women should be the property of white men for the purpose of having their babies and furthering the "white race." They want to take our right to vote, own property, do family planning, divorce when we need to, have a career, sign contracts and appear in court, and keep our own income. I had the following exchange with a young man who actually wants to take my rights. He also makes a comment that indicates I may be "dead" for resisting "white sharia."

Some defenders of "white sharia" say that it is just a joke. Well, guess what, not everyone is in on the joke.

Women, we must stop this movement, assert our full rights, continue to work to defeat sexism and misogyny, and work to defeat all elements of white nationalism.

If that description replaced "white" with something else like "islamic", "jewish", or "black" then it would be "jewish nationalism" or "black nationalism" and people would call it "racist" and YouTube would shut down the video and probably ban her account for hate speech. The left used to be about helping the poor. Today the modern left is a bunch of rich people who only pretend to help the poor and instead are all about attacking white people the way Hitler attacked the jews, Cultural Marxism. The identity politics of the modern left claims that Islam is feminist.

An interesting quote she said in the video:

My property is my own. My income is my own and no one's taking that away from me.

She should be a libertarian. It's called taxes. Antifa, being a communist group, supports big, authoritarian government.

This is what Antifa supports: If you research the history of Ayn Rand, the USSR one day just came in with soldiers and kicked her whole family outside, taking everything her family owned and throwing them on the street with nothing but the clothes they wore. And if she had stayed in Russia any longer than she had, she would've been sent to a gulag (USSR death camp) like this guy she had fallen in love with there did.

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