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Black Lives Matter - All people are sheeple

Also see: What happens in a police raid.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a group whose members have murdered white people and police officers. It is a Judas goat for black people and run by George Soros.

An African American woman, M. Mitchell, tries to expose the truth about things and YouTube heavily censors her for it. She said of Black Lives Matter:

If you are funded by a man like this [George Soros], then you actually do not have our well-being at heart.

Black Lives Matter could be called a black supremacist group if applying the same name-calling that society does to white groups. The whole Establishment calls Judas goats (eg. Richard Spencer) "white supremacists".

Any time a group of white people are the slightest bit pro-white, they're called "white supremacist" and the government labels every such group as terrorist groups even if each individual group has never done harm. And white politicians have to condemn these groups. None of this ever happens to Black Lives Matter because of a racial double-standard.

That's just nonviolent pro-white groups. What if one was violent, not even racially violent but just violent? Well, the government instantly would shut it down. But with Black Lives Matter, the group can attack and often murder white people and police. And the mainstream media and Establishment politicians just covers it all up and defends the group.

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wrote 15 Aug 2017:

To put things in perspective. I'm a Jew, I'm an Israeli, the neo nazis scums in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out. However the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.

George Soros and the other New World Order elites aren't using BLM to help black people, rather they use it to harm black people.

What has killing random white people, killing police, blocking traffic of major freeways, and destroying towns with race riots ever done to help black people?

All it has done is to hurt black communities.

Below are ways to actually protect black communities from police abuse. Please at least skim the main points.

Here's how to have a group that actually helps black people against police violence:

1) Push the Second Amendment HARD. I mean HARD! Push for full rights to own any kind of gun. Push for open carry.

Do I have you explain why?

I see all these videos of police abusing black people (often the police dog bites the person too) and basically what happens is people (often multi-racial) stand around yelling at the officer "Oh my god! What are you doing?!" and one person videotapes it and that's it. If everyone there legally could open carry and can't be arrested for it, the officers would behave better.

Where the people fear the government you have tyranny.
Where the government fears the people you have liberty.
– John Basil Barnhill, 1914

And this means stop voting for for politicians that want to take away guns. Usually the politicians (libertarian/conservative) that want to promote the 2nd amendment cater to white interests. Well get a group and go to them and say they'll get a bunch of black voters if they cater to their interests and they will. Maybe the blacks want certain things from the government in addition to more gun rights at the same time--well the politician would agree if it means more votes. Politicians are all about getting votes.

I'd say get a black politician too but it's faster to tell a current pro-gun politician he'll get a lot more votes if they do one thing or another.

2) Push the other civil liberties in The Bill of Rights hard too. The government has been chipping away at these all over time and now they do searches without warrants. There have been cases like one in Henderson, Nevada on July 10th, 2011, where the police wanted to take over someone's home and use it to spy on one of their neighbors. So the police raided the home like terrorists, shot the people inside, and then destroyed and looted the people's home while they used it for surveillance of one of their neighbors. It was a violation of the 3rd Amendment but the corrupt judge refused to honor it, claiming the police weren't technically US military. (news article, second)

3) Push for raising speed limits, abolishing them, and most importantly, limit the percentage of income a city/county/whatever can get from traffic tickets of any kind. Traffic stops are the top way police end up harming black people.

The phrase "pull you over" doesn't describe just how bad it is. Police become highway robbers instead of doing real police work. Then often they become kidnappers taking people to jail. If they search your car, they often destroy it by cutting the fabric and smashing it all apart. Traffic stops are the top way that police end up shooting blacks and they're the main way they cause trouble for everyone. And traffic court is an illegal kangaroo court where you're not provided a paid-for lawyer.

Other lesser things you should push

4) Black Lives Matter should in their spare time distribute pamphlets explaining:
(a) Why you should never talk to the police and it always hurts you in the end and the phrases to memorize when dealing with cops.
(b) Jury nullification. There's little pamphlets on these I've seen.

For a and b, you can make the pamphlets yourself.

5) End The Bradley Amendment and debtor's prison for alimony/child support.

Do you remember the shooting death of Walter L. Scott (black) by a white cop (Apr 4, 2015)? There's a lot more fucked up stuff behind it that started back in the year 2000.

He owed child support and the government mistakenly thought he missed a payment. So the government put him in jail for two weeks. He lost his $35,000-a-year job at a film company, the best job he ever had, and it sent him into an emotional and psychological spiral. While he was in jail, the child support owed kept coming. The Bradley Amendment made sure he could not get his payments reduced. Men who are in US prison, foreign prisoners of war, and in comas regularly have all this child support build up that they can't get cancelled.

If you find out the kid isn't yours, you still have to pay. Story about a black man, 'I went without electricity, there were days I didn't eat': Fury of man forced to pay child support for 13 years to girl he's never met despite DNA test proving she's not his.

Tommy (TJ) Sotomayor at one point got a woman pregnant. She was sleeping with tons of different men and convinced one man he was the father. The cuck paid child support for 10 years, then the mother noticed Sotomayor was famous so she forced the government to paternity test dozens of men (in Europe by comparison, men cannot paternity test their kids without the mother's permission) until she learned TJ was the father. The original father couldn't get his child support refunded while Sotomayor had to pay the mother a second dose of child support for all the years the mother did, so the mother double-dipped. (60 minutes into this video)

Well because the government imprisoned Walter L. Scott when he had been making child support, and The Bradley Amendment meant he could never get anything reduced or cancelled after he lost his job, this made it so he ALWAYS had a warrant out for his arrest. Whenever a cop pulled him over, it meant he was going to jail for several weeks.

Like with traffic tickets, the corrupt US justice system illegally denies men lawyers for child support when they cannot afford one so he received no legal help from the USA's corrupt legal system. And the law is so large and incomprehensible, everyone is ignorant of most of it. Each area of law needs specialized lawyers that have to study for decades. And knowing the law is basically like reciting a magic spell of gibberish that magically makes all sorts of huge changes happen, changing entire verdicts of cases.

Walter's daughter Samanatha Scott said she and her mother always got lots of child support, "If he had money, he would give it to us." But despite this, the government robbed 65% of his paycheck for child support (after taxes take even more) and then robbed all the money in his bank accounts and tax refunds. Plus the government suspended his driver's licenses and professional licenses to make it very, very hard for him to get any work. Meanwhile The Bradley Bill meant he couldn't get this reduced and payment owed kept going up.

Here's another case: A black man, Carnell Alexander, resident of Detroit. His ex-girlfriend lied and claimed he was the father of her child to get welfare. Single mothers get 10x the welfare of anyone else. Four years later, a cop pulled him over and told him he's a deadbeat "dad". Your ex has receive tens of thousands of dollars for her lie from welfare and the government demands you pay it with interest. While you're in jail for months for not paying child support, the court falsifies court summonses to make it look as if you refused to sign a court summons about the so-called child support debt. But how could you have? You were in jail.

Out of prison, he lost his job for being in prison and the government drained all his bank accounts. He had no money and the court provided a fake address for her. Being homeless, it took him 22 years to track her down. A DNA test proved he was not the father. He also found that the real father had been raising the child the entire time while claiming Carnell was the father to collect welfare.

Carnell's ex (the mother) and the real father, both freely admit they lied. Carnell went to court. Now in family court, it is completely biased against men, all judges are crooked, and most judges are women. He got Kathleen McCarthy. She ordered Carnell to pay $30,000 in backdated child support in addition to all the money the government had previously robbed from him. As she does this, she constantly insulted him.

Now The Bradley Bill would've said McCarthy couldn't remove Carnell's debt, but judges override the law all the time in the era of President Trump. They illegally violate the constitution to override his travel bans. When he says cities that give sanctuary to illegal aliens that did violent crimes can't get federal funding, they override it. When US Congress passes a law again saying cities that give sanctuary to illegal aliens that did violent crimes can't get federal funding, some random judge again legislates from the bench and overrides it. When states say that cities have to enforce immigration law, corrupt judges override it. When sheriffs enforce immigration law, they make up "contempt of court" charges on them right before re-election. When President Trump undoes a policy that the previous US President Obama enacted himself illegally, judges repeatedly override it. But family courts refuse to legislate from the bench to spare people from The Bradley Bill. (Longer summary)

Some tips

If you frequently get hassled by cops while driving: Make vlogs from your car! Eventually something will be recorded and you will have a video to share.

Right now white cops are really cautious about ending up the next media spectacle so they try not to abuse blacks. That being said, if a black cop abuses a black person, it's complete mainstream media silence. The news only is about pushing a race-baiting narrative. So black people think they're safer with a black cop but they're not.

White law enforcement has abused white people for thousands of years. Black law enforcement has abused black people for thousands of years. Oriental law enforcement has abused oriental people for thousands of years. And so on.

In Flint, Michigan when solely black people ran the city, they turned the water supply into this stinky, discolored toxic biohazard sludge. White politicians have been betraying white people and black politicians have been betraying black people since as long as they've been politicians of that race. Those in power want to blame white people when it's The Establishment that's been doing all that.


Black Lives Matter should be pushing a bunch of libertarian stuff. Their stated enemy is the authoritarian nature of the government. Yet they side with those who push for a more authoritarian government, heading toward the former USSR (Communist Russia).

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